Derbyshire v Durham, Live Cricket Score and Commentary, , Specsavers County Championship Division Two, 2018

Specsavers County Championship Division Two : Derbyshire v Durham at Derby, May 11, 2018
427/10 & *279/9 (79)
520/10 (134.1)
Match drawn
Derbyshire inningDerbs inn.427/10 (128.2 ov)
Ben Slaterc G Clark b NJ Rimmington55948058.51
c G Clark b NJ Rimmington
Luis Reecec SW Poynter b WJ Weighell481007048.00
c SW Poynter b WJ Weighell
Wayne Madsenlbw b MA Wood8514211059.85
lbw b MA Wood
Alex Hughesb WJ Weighell08000.00
b WJ Weighell
Billy Godleman (C)lbw b MW Dixon6110611057.54
lbw b MW Dixon
Matt Critchleyc & b PD Collingwood648510075.29
c & b PD Collingwood
Daryn Smit (WK)Not out451405032.14
Not out
Hardus Viljoenlbw b PD Collingwood9191047.36
lbw b PD Collingwood
Tony Palladinob CT Steel29635046.03
b CT Steel
Duanne Olivierc PD Collingwood b CT Steel012000.00
c PD Collingwood b CT Steel
Ravi Rampaullbw b MW Dixon03000.00
lbw b MW Dixon
Extra31 (b 6, w 0, nb 4, lb 21)
Total427/10 (128.2)
Mark Wood2949113.13
Nathan Rimmington1344613.53
Matt Dixon26.259923.75
James Weighell32108222.56
Paul Collingwood1774022.35
Will Smith301003.33
Cameron Steel621923.16
Graham Clark201306.50
Fall of wickets: 1-110 (BT Slater - 30.4 ov), 2-122 (LM Reece - 33.4 ov), 3-126 (AL Hughes - 35.6 ov), 4-240 (BA Godleman - 67.3 ov), 5-318 (WL Madsen - 84.2 ov), 6-346 (MJJ Critchley - 93.5 ov), 7-360 (GC Viljoen - 101.2 ov), 8-422 (AP Palladino - 125.1 ov), 9-426 (D Olivier - 127.4 ov), 10-427 (R Rampaul - 128.2 ov)
Durham inningDurhm inn.520/10 (134.1 ov)
Cameron Steelc BA Godleman b D Olivier311044029.80
c BA Godleman b D Olivier
Aiden Markramc D Smit b GC Viljoen30374081.08
c D Smit b GC Viljoen
Will Smithb GC Viljoen02000.00
b GC Viljoen
Graham Clarklbw b AP Palladino631289049.21
lbw b AP Palladino
Paul Collingwood (C)c D Smit b R Rampaul27602145.00
c D Smit b R Rampaul
Michael Richardsonlbw b AP Palladino11518613061.82
lbw b AP Palladino
Stuart Poynter (WK)lbw b D Olivier17020618082.52
lbw b D Olivier
James Weighellc D Smit b AP Palladino18481037.50
c D Smit b AP Palladino
Mark Woodb AP Palladino13302043.33
b AP Palladino
Nathan Rimmingtonlbw b WL Madsen340075.00
lbw b WL Madsen
Matt DixonNot out8420200.00
Not out
Extra42 (b 24, w 1, nb 6, lb 11)
Total520/10 (134.1)
Duanne Olivier34612423.64
Ravi Rampaul2458513.54
Hardus Viljoen2136723.19
Matt Critchley1708505.00
Tony Palladino28.178743.08
Wayne Madsen201015.00
Luis Reece802703.37
Fall of wickets: 1-51 (AK Markram - 14.2 ov), 2-51 (WR Smith - 14.4 ov), 3-115 (CT Steel - 35.5 ov), 4-169 (PD Collingwood - 54.2 ov), 5-175 (G Clark - 55.4 ov), 6-453 (SW Poynter - 119.2 ov), 7-467 (MJ Richardson - 122.1 ov), 8-509 (MA Wood - 132.3 ov), 9-512 (NJ Rimmington - 133.2 ov), 10-520 (WJ Weighell - 134.1 ov)
Derbyshire inningDerbs inn.279/9 (79 ov)
Ben Slaterc CT Steel b MA Wood42857049.41
c CT Steel b MA Wood
Luis Reeceb MA Wood12362033.33
b MA Wood
Wayne Madsenc SW Poynter b MA Wood32385084.21
c SW Poynter b MA Wood
Alex Hughesc SW Poynter b CT Steel17222077.27
c SW Poynter b CT Steel
Billy Godleman (C)c PD Collingwood b WJ Weighell25542046.29
c PD Collingwood b WJ Weighell
Matt Critchleyc SW Poynter b CT Steel40606066.66
c SW Poynter b CT Steel
Daryn Smit (WK)c SW Poynter b MA Wood34483070.83
c SW Poynter b MA Wood
Hardus Viljoenc AK Markram b MA Wood12200160.00
c AK Markram b MA Wood
Tony PalladinoNot out26692137.68
Not out
Duanne Olivierc SW Poynter b MA Wood010000.00
c SW Poynter b MA Wood
Ravi RampaulNot out18341152.94
Not out
Extra21 (b 12, w 0, nb 4, lb 5)
Total279/9 (79)
Mark Wood2394662.00
James Weighell1433912.78
Nathan Rimmington1014004.00
Matt Dixon21904.50
Will Smith1424803.42
Cameron Steel1518025.33
Aiden Markram11000.00
Fall of wickets: 1-33 (LM Reece - 12.3 ov), 2-88 (WL Madsen - 25.5 ov), 3-97 (BT Slater - 27.5 ov), 4-114 (AL Hughes - 31.5 ov), 5-177 (MJJ Critchley - 48.1 ov), 6-185 (BA Godleman - 49.2 ov), 7-213 (GC Viljoen - 55.3 ov), 8-236 (D Smit - 67.2 ov), 9-242 (D Olivier - 69.6 ov)
2018-05-11 16:00 PM
The 3aaa County Ground, Derby
  • Richard Kettleborough
  • Paul Baldwin
Tv Umpires
    Match Referee